If you want to create an Blog  – I am pleased to publish it!

You will have access immediately to my audience as well as your post can be part of my
autoresponder meaning every subscriber past, present & future will dsicover it
You can find out more about the blogs visitors & audience in the media kit.

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Post Requirements

  • I maintain a high standard of quality on the weblog and guest posts are held to the same standards.
  • They are the qualities I’m seeking for when reviewing posts-
  • Provide practical actionable advice
  •  Tutorial and/or research study based
  • Supported up with real life data/example (could be anonymized)
  • Include appropriate pictures to guide readers
  • Readers leave with actionable guidance they can connect with their own sites
Format your articles in this structure-
  • Open up with a ‘What You Can Learn’ section with 3-5 bullet points
  • Transfer to main content
  • End the post with a ‘Conclusion’ section

Content and Writing Format

  • Follow the rules when composing your Blogs.
  • Tone of voice should be informal like your talking to a friend
  • Don’t be afraid to end up being yourself – enjoy it!
  • No pretentious business tones
  • say a similar thing in a shorter sentence.
  • Only 2-3 sentences per paragraph
  • There is absolutely no minimum word count

Your articles must provide clear actionable suggestions with step-by-step instruction preferably supported by research data/examples.

Check out the good examples below to obtain a better notion of what I am looking for-

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Still WISH TO BE Published On The BLOG?

You still want to be published on the blog post then please get in touch with me and send over-
Introduce yourself
Provide types of previous work
A listing of potential article titles/ideas
If you’ve already written this article – include it
Good luck!