Remove Watermark of any Image Easily

Remove Watermark of any Image Easily

Here am I again with a nice tutorial that will make watermark removal of any image so easy that even akid can do it no need of huge softwares like photoshop illustrator or any other shit. Just move with meand I will show you how you can make watermark removal process easy.There are many

There are many softwares, mobile apps, websites are available that claim that they can remove the watermark of any image most of them are paid and the ones which are free does not do the heavy job like Shutterstock images. Watermarks which is on full image is very hard to remove.

As everyone knows if you are looking for a watermark remover that makes you remove watermark easily then you are at a right place so what I have here is a website that will make you remove any image watermark easily.It is working for every image and as well as it is free service no paid plans and all bullshit.

So let’s Start with it Remove Watermark of any Image

Pixlr Editor

(An Online Image Editing WebSite)

Remove Watermark of any Image Easily pixlr editor

The Website is fine as there are much better online editing Websites out there one is befunky top in my list but let’s continue to the pixlr editor this online website is best for removing any watermark easily in just one try.

Instructions to remove Watermark using Pixlr Editor

Let’s start with an example take any image with watermark and open it with pixlr editor

Remove Watermark of any Image


Now from the toolkit just select stamp tool

This stamp tool will take the colour from any portion and match the portion colour with watermark

For doing this just use ctrl+left click to select the colour and left clock to fill the colour in watermark like this

Remove Watermark of any Image Easily

Just fill the watermark with the colour on which the watermark is residing.After that whole watermark will be gone like this.

watermark removed

I have checked many online websites, softwares and mobile apps but what I found the easiest, portable and powerful is pixlr editor online website. In terms of editing yes it is not that good but yeah in case of watermark removal you should definitely give a try. I am sure you will going to love it.

Some pictures that have many colours the watermark removal of that images are more difficult than the images with fewer colours.For removal of these images try to use stamp for filling colour slowly and with concentration because it will need more efforts

I hope you like the tutorial how to remove watermark of any image easily by Sahil Saini.

If you have any issues questions and comments regarding remove watermark of any image. You can comment below I will happy to give reply to them 🙂

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